Today Eskobar are releasing their fifth single 2020(from their upcoming album – Chapter 2) called “LIVING IN THE SKY” and it’s a melodic journey through the verses and ends up in a hypnotizing mantra-like chorus ready for a carefree head bob.

Link to SPOTIFY:

As for the rest of the tracks on this epic album it’s deeply rooted in the 90’S UK indie scene & britpop.

“LIVING IN THE SKY” is a natural part of the upcoming album that the band has said this about:

”A big part of it is a love letter to the 90’s uk brit/indie scene that we all used to dance and party to back in the day mixed with subtle nods on the production(done by the singer Daniel Bellqvist this time) side to the hip-hop from the same era that we liked. This combo together with our northern sensibilities makes up the sound that we in the band call ”Northie” which is short for ”Northern Indie”.”

The band says they’re inspired among others by The Stone Roses, The Charlatans, Soup Dragons, House Of Love and Oasis/Liam Gallagher on the upcoming album but also by groups like Stereo Mc’s, EMF and Jesus Jones’ hit singles.